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We provide a professional  Window Cleaning Service

with Quality, Reliability, and Punctuality as standard 

with over 15 years of experience in the business.


We clean the entire window; glass, frames, and sills

as should be.

Regular upkeep and cleaning will help keep your

windows in excellent condition, they will last much

longer and will help to keep your home clean

and pleasing to the eye.

Windows cover an area that is generally 25% of the

house fronts surface area, you can quickly see why

upkeeping clean windows is important.


Pure Water we take from tap water and filter it extensively until all of the impurities that leave those unsightly spots and smears on your windows have been removed, leaving de-ionised (100% ultra-pure) water. This is achieved with our specialized water purifying equipment as seen lower. The process is called “Reverse Osmosis”.

Pure water is excellent at breaking down and dissolving dirt, leaving no residue of chemicals or detergent on the glass as no chemicals, or detergents are used with our pure water window cleaning system.

A further benefit of pure window cleaning over traditional window cleaning is that traditional window cleaners can only generally clean the glass, or else charge extra for the frames to be cleaned. With our pure water window cleaning system we clean your frames and sills as standard, for free!

Pure Water Cleaning


We know that your schedule can be very busy so if you want to book an appointment to have your windows cleaned that works for us too.


Just give us a call to book a time and date now. We can work on a planned schedule if that’s what your business requires.


We customize the experience of window cleaning in Co. Kerry so that the service does not disturb your regular work-life schedule.

Window Cleaning reaching up to the 3th floor.

High Reach
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